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Project Description

WTK is a modern C++ GUI toolkit for Windows. Like other C++ GUI toolkits, WTK provides an intuitive C++ class hierarchy encapsulating the win32 Windows API. What sets WTK apart is that it stays close to the C++ standard so that it integrates well with non-GUI C++ code.

Here is a random list of WTK features to give you a quick mental picture of WTK.
  • WTK has all the expected classes: Window, DialogWindow, Control, ButtonControl, EditControl, StaticControl, ApplicationWindow, etc.
  • WTK classes are contained in a single namespace named "wtk".
  • WTK reports errors by throwing std::exceptions.
  • WTK uses std::wstrings for character strings.
  • WTK uses templates where useful, for example, for hooking callback methods to GUI events.
  • WTK uses Pascal casing for class and method names.
  • WTK provides an adaptive C++ box model for laying out windows and dialogs.
  • WTK source code is under the Microsoft Reciprocal License.
  • Binary SDK releases of WTK will be made available under a free, non-viral license.

The capabilities of WTK are showcased by the WTK Demo application that is part of the source distribution.

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